Social media marketers

Are you one of the dedicated social media marketers striving for brand recognition and authority?

You can skyrocket your campaigns then by enhancing productivity through tools (or apps) designed specifically to spur the social media marketing.

With several tools and platforms emerging every year, communication, workflow and productivity are potentially improved. They affect how the brands promote the message and how the followers respond.

The marketers (making use of such efficient tools) can manage their audience in creative ways and keep track of their efforts at the same time. That is the reason, I have come up with a handy list of tools to boost productivity that social media marketers can use to up the ante and see the desired results.

1- HootSuite

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When you are looking to spice up your social media management, Hootsuite is an All-in-One pack for your needs.

Hootsuite allows the social media marketers to post single content across multiple online platforms at once. It is a powerful tool that avoids the issue for limitation of content optimization on various platforms.


  • The marketer gets more control over the content and can schedule posts in advance as well.
  • Social media marketers can use this tool to create marketing campaigns, curated collections of user-generated content and competitions on different social media websites.
  • The tool is embedded with a cool new feature called ‘Sentiment’ that allows for viewing of comments that get directed to the social media profile of the marketer.

2. Buffer


If video and image optimization are your core goals, then you should rush to use Buffer and then schedule and distribute the posts across various social media platforms.

With a crisp and clean interface, the tool offers simple analytics feature that shows for the data to be acted upon easily.


  • The social media marketers can sync multiple accounts across networks to get the content shared on all of the platforms from one main dashboard only.
  • The tool features a Chrome extension that allows to schedule and share content to get posted on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • If the content is produced in batches, then Buffer allows it to upload the items in bulk through an added extension as well.

3- Sprout Social


Interested in enhancing customer relationship management?

Sprout Social makes it heavenly easy for you. The tool allows a far better management of customer relationships across different social media websites.

It enables the social media marketers to manage and respond to social engagements quickly in order to keep the customers and clients satisfied.


  • The tool is considered as all-in-one social media marketing tool that allows managers to control their efforts with ease.
  • It also provides a multi-level access that is ideal for big businesses with huge team of writers and editors.
  • The built-in analytics platform of Sprout Social is detailed and makes engagement easier for managers. They can effectively manage the requests and comments instantly.

4- Tagboard


For those seeking to have deep insights into specific areas of research and development should use Tagboard tool.


  • It allows the marketers to enter keywords, topic areas or the hashtags to get a set of important takeaways and insights as to how the topic can be discussed across social networks.
  • Tagboard provides a powerful feature to keep track of brand and product mentions, as well as reputation management.
  • The social media marketers can use it to come up with new and different perspectives on prime topics in their niche that will turn out to be more engaging and persuasive.

5- Ocktopost


Designed for B2B companies specifically, Ocktopost is a handy social media management tool. Whatever the purpose, marketers can use it for highly effective social listening, content curation, measuring and scheduling of posts.


  • The tool is ideal for large teams that can create unified global campaigns with an ambitious reach.
  • It boasts of strong business oriented features like lead nurturing, re-marketing and even CRM features. The social advocacy and social analytics can only be better managed through Ocktopost.

6- Canva


If web-optimized graphics (having images and text) is the goal to achieve, Canva is the real savior to handle your task.


  • The social media marketers can create stunning images for the posts utilizing this tool.
  • It comprises of a simple interface with Drag and Drop feature, yet there is a color and font control as well. The marketer can edit the image and position it better too.
  • Canva is an impactful social media management tool that is often used for CVs, professional applications and even menus by many professionals worldwide.

7. MeetEdgar


Though the name sounds a bit odd, yet MeetEdgar is the best virtual social media assistant on the web. It is ideal for the marketers who have an established catalogue of work that can be enhanced further.


  • At the peak time, MeetEdgar works independently by scheduling new and old content to get published on the social media platforms.
  • Other notable feature is that it analyzes audience engagement on constant basis to publish the content at the best time when it will receive a higher user engagement in the form of comments, shares and likes.
  • A marketer can categorize different kinds of content to target a variety of audiences. The good part is that older posts go to the back of the queue that helps to create sufficient space between reposting.

8- Social Metrics Pro


Amid a number of creative tools, WordPress can never lag behind. And so the platform comes with a productive plug-in designed for social media marketers.

Social Metrics Pro (a plug-in of WordPress) allows marketers to monitor social engagement across notable social media platforms. It provides reports and analytics to admonish the marketers towards understanding how well they are trending.


  • Social Metrics Pro efficiently helps the marketers to identify the social media websites where they need to be more focused for gaining an impressive engagement through their content.
  • The control panel features a traffic light analysis of the posts. It signals a Red color in case of poor performance while Green color highlights a good or satisfactory performance.
  • The plug-in can track pages and posts on WordPress based site as well, so the marketer knows how well the content and pages are performing at any time.

9- Social Clout


Social Clout is the ROI optimizer for social media.

The tool enables the marketers to analyze they are targeting the posts in an effective manner to gain a tremendous ROI.


  • Through Social Clout, marketers can get to see how touchpoints and demographics are getting engaged and converting into leads. This helps to improve targeting of the market segment in a better way.
  • A marketer can achieve comparative analysis of the competition that is based on sentiment and analytics respectively.

10- BuzzSumo


Last but not the least; BuzzSumo is like a massive search engine for the social media marketers.

It helps the marketers to find viral and trending content as well as to search for items (articles, infographics, videos, images etc.) in their target niches. So, they can keep track of the best performing content for taking an inspiration to devise their own marketing strategy.


  • The search can become more targeted if the marketer searches for the given keywords or the topic to see what the best performing posts are across different categories.
  • The popular influencers and their content can be monitored so that they can be targeted to build relationships too.

Final Thoughts

You have got a list of best tools in hand to bring a real value to your marketing strategy. I would love to hear from you about the tools (or apps) that you (social media marketers) prefer the most while executing your social media plans.