SEO competitors

When I was in high school, I still remember my Mom used to say:

“Your competitors (in class) will always keep you alive for securing higher position.”

I really gotta perplexed at this statement (or phrase). But I came to know about its practicality after entering into the thriving industry of SEO. This dynamic industry taught me the lessons that why competitors will keep my morale high in acquiring the top ranks. And I must “Have a closer watch on top competitors.”

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How competitors can help you out?

Albeit you have your own views to run an SEO campaign. But a thorough competitive analysis helps you build a cohesive and workable SEO strategy.

What a competitive research yields for you?

i- The keywords your competitors are ranked for

ii- The metrics they are considering

iii- Their weaknesses and so on.

Determining these elements will aid you in gaining an edge over your competitors and top ranks by the leading search engines.

By this, I am nowhere saying the strategies which are working for your competitors will work on your website 100% the same way.

What works for your competitors in SEO may not work for you 100%.

SEO is all about playing with ideas and tactics. So, you have to follow the mantra of ‘Testing experiments and building new strategies dynamically to dominate the SERP’. And keeping an eye on competitors is a way that every digital marketer must drill his SEO strategy with.

This write-up scans out the 12 powerful lessons that you can learn from your competitors’ SEO strategies as well as the tools that make this analysis quicker.

1. Finding the Wining Keywords

You are on the track to devise a dexterous SEO strategy. And without targeting the right keywords, your strategy is going to pay you back zero penny.

Remember the right keywords are the ‘Winning Keywords’.


  • Consider a primary keyword (relevant to target niche)
  • Plug in the keyword in Google’s search bar
  • Pick the top competitors from SERP

Note: Comparing your website or business with highly trusted and giant domains (in your niche) would be an unfair analysis. Be realistic and pick the relevant competitors that are comparable and have a decent amount of traffic.

  • Select your preferred keyword exploration tool.
  • Start finding all (or a maximum number of keywords) your competitors are ranking for.
  • Make a list of sorted keywords alongside necessary details.

Here, I assume to be working with ‘Writing’ niche. And have selected a relevant keyword ‘Professional Blog Writing.

The top results (for the mentioned keyword) can be seen in the screenshot.
SEO Competitors

Since is one of my top competitors. So, I am ready to reveal the keywords for which the website is standing on the first rank.

You can find a myriad of tools for keyword research. But I love Ahrefs, the keywords fetched by this tool are:
Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

There are around 5700 keywords for which is ranking in the US. As depicted in the above screenshot, the website has acquired a decent amount of traffic from keywords like:

And so on.

Hence, is investing in such keywords to enjoy maximized organic traffic and quality leads.

Key Note : The website (I choose as the competitor) is the one having a higher page authority, healthy backlink profile with good anchor text variation.

So be careful to choose the right keywords. Why I am saying this will explain later.

Keep reading

My practice (in most of the cases) has been to analyze the top 5 competitors. Depending upon your requirements, it is up to you how far you want to go. Because every website fighting for the higher ranks in search engine is your competitor.

2- Analyze Backlink Profile:

Next is a crucial phase to work on. Analyzing the backlink profiles of your competitors is a must to devise a smart SEO strategy.

It is primarily important to invest a huge amount of time to find answers to the following questions:

  • From where they are getting links?
  • Are those links natural? (Means they are focused on creating high-quality content that other webmasters would love to connect with.)
  • Are they executing any outreach campaigns to build authoritative links? (Or the competitor is building non-editorial/outreach links. These are the self-created links in which the popular ones are those from press release sites, blog commenting, forums or Articles.)

You must have a stringent focus on acquiring Quality Links. These high-quality links are referred as “Hard to Earn Links

Key Note: It is not certain that the links which are working for your competitors will work for you the same way.  You must find other quality links for your business to dominate the SERP.

Once again my favorite tool (to perform Competitor’s Backlink Analysis) is Ahrefs.

Also check 8 Actionable Ways to Get Backlinks by Spying on Your Competitors.
A very impressive and comprehensive post by David McSweeney – Head of content at Ahrefs.

3- Win The Race With Higher Website Speed:

You have to win the race of SEO. Or simply you have to attain higher search engine rankings for your business.

An optimized website speed score must be the top most priority to win this race.

Despite being the top most priority of Google, the website speed (or Page load speed) is one of those SEO factors that is often overlooked. And then it becomes a hurdle in achieving the targets.

Website Speed Also referred as Page Load Speed is the time that a website (or a web page) consumes to deliver its content.

The ultimate benefits that you can enjoy having an optimized website speed include:

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Longer user’s stay on website

You want to have an edge over competitors and what makes them really rewarded and trusted by search engines (as well as users) is their Improved and Optimized Website Speed Score.

Website speed depends on multiple factors like:

  • Nature of website (Ecommerce websites selling products, websites with massive content etc.)
  • Website design
  • Website hosting service
  • Data center connections

Depending upon the website’s nature, there might be different ways to improve the website speed. But most of the factors can be improved by executing a few common practices.

General Tips for Improving Website Speed Score:

  • Ensure to employ a high-quality server to host your website that may facilitate with a sufficient bandwidth.
  • Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) that speeds up content delivery by hosting images and videos on different servers.
  • Find out the factors or issues that are slowing down your website by using website speed test tools.
  • Make sure your WordPress based website is not using unnecessary plugins. Such plugins and external scripts cause the website to have a significant drop in speed.
  • The images and videos must be optimized to compact sizes (without compromising quality). You can use PNG, GIF, JPG formats as they are significantly smaller in size.

As I have already mentioned above, I am here to make things easier for you. So, a list of some handy tools to check and improve your website speed is here:

Google Page Speed Insights

Google is always there to make your SEO super easy.

With Page Speed Insights, you can have an efficient analysis. I usually prefer this tool to analyze my own (or clients’) website that generates the report for both mobile and desktop versions of the site.

Google Page Speed Checker

It also provides recommendations for improving the website speed score.


Pingdom is one of the simplest and popular website speed test tools. You will love the easy to use interface.

The tool performs a thorough website analysis that includes Performance Grade, Page Analysis, Waterfall breakdown and History.

Check the screenshots when I ran the test on my website

Pingdom Site Speed Checker
Pingdom website speed checker


GTmetrix offers 7 different locations to choose from with the options of Chrome and Firefox browsers.

GTMetrix Website Load Time Checking

A detailed insight is rendered with the following sections:

  • Page Speed
  • Yslow
  • Waterfall Breakdown
  • Video
  • History

GTMetrix Page Speed Detail Insights4- Keep Tabs On Title:

Titles are something that are underestimated in SEO (most of the times). This is undoubtedly the biggest mistake. But having a watch on the title tags of your competitor sites will tell you a lot.

A title tag lets search engines and visitors know about a specific page of your website in a comprehensive and accurate manner.

Typing an example keyword ‘Blog writing service’ in Google, the following results are generated. You can witness every ranked web page is having a particular title tag (that embodies the primary keyword particularly).

best blog writing services

Key Note: Keeping a strict check on your competitors’ title tags (for different pages ) will help you analyze how to structure the title tags of your website’s pages.

Quick Tips for Crafting An Optimized Title:

As far as you analyze your competitors’ title tags, you would have experienced a pretty common practice.

I have summarized that practice in the form of a handy checklist that you might refer to in future while working on this aspect.

  • Always create UNIQUE Titles for each page.
  • Your title tag must be in the range of 50 – 60 characters.
  • The most important keywords (or Primary Keyword) must be in the beginning of the title.
  • The less important kewyords (or Secondary Keyword) should be somewhere in the end.
  • It is an intelligent practice to incorporate ‘Long Tail Keywords’ in your title tags.
  • The title tags must be relevant to pages. They must desribe them appropriately and comprehensively.
  • Never practice keyword stuffing while creating title tags. It not only looks bad but will penalize you by the search engines additionally.

5- Drive Traffic With Clean URL Structure:

You want to drive tons of visitors to your website……. This is obviously your ultimate SEO goal.

A clean, user-friendly and readable URL Structure paves the ways for driving higher traffic.

While monitoring your competitors, it is always the best practice to overview how they are positioned at higher ranks by maintaining SEO and user-friendly URLs.

Keeping an eye on their URLs, you would experience the guidelines on creating optimized URLs for your own website.

Best Advice for Creating Healthy URLs:

Place Target Keyword in URL

You are targeting certain keywords or phrases. Including an exact target keyword (wherever possible) in the URL will give you an edge over others.

While searching for a particular keyword, the users look at the URLs before titles (appearing in SERP). Having their desired keyword in URL will compel them to click on it. Thus, you have more chances to earn higher Click through rate (CTR).

I recently applied this practice while creating URLs for my website. For the keyword ‘Copywriting’, I put it in the following manner:

Use Dashes Over Underscores

I stress upon this practice a lot. As still most of the SEOs do not realize the importance laid on this point by Google.

The use of dashes influence the way a search engine reads your keywords in that URL.

Here I am going to quote an example demonstrated by the Digital marketing guru Neil Patel about the importance of URLs in SEO.

“com/red-widget – Google sees that this URL is about “red widget.

com/red_widget – Whenever you use an underscore, Google combines the word. So, in this case, Google reads your intended keyword as “redwidget” with no space.”

Keep User Readable URLs

You must catch on the readability of URLs.

As much a URL is understandable, a user probably gets what the page is about to deliver.

A URL having extraneous characters (like $, @,% etc.) is difficult to be crawled by the search engines. Then how an ordinary person like You and Me are going to identify it.

If I want to search on ‘seo-friendly URLs’, I would definitely click on such a URL:

iii- Practice Short and Simple Approach

Everything that is short and simple grabs more attention.

This is true when it comes to SEO-friendly URLs. You have to increase the click-through rate eventually. And people always prefer shorter, user-friendly and simple URLs.

A URL having 50 characters is generally referred as short and simple URL.

There are multiple pages ranked by Google on top positions having longer URLs as well, but research proves that shorter URLs perform better than longer ones in search engines.

URL Structure
Image Credits:

Avoid Folders and Sub-Folders

Have you experienced such kind of URLs ?

SEO Friendly URL Best Practices

And your answer would definitely be ‘YES’.

The above such URL embodies folders and subfolders.

Although, it does not impact search engine ranking. But search engines consider web pages placed in the root folder more trusted with better content.

This is what search engines look for (that consequently improves user-friendliness)

SEO friendly URL Examples

6- Bolster SEO By Evaluating Website Content:

Content is the backbone of SEO.

Then, how you are going to win this competitive race without compromising the website content?

And evaluation of the competitors’ website content yields the areas you need to contemplate on.

Scrutinize and discover the following:

  • What type of content are the competitors using on their site?
  • Learn about their average word count
  • What effective approaches they have applied on their website to convert visitors into successful leads?

Canny Ways to Structure Winning Website Content:

Know About Total Body of Work:

Look at the body of competitors’ websites. Are they frequent with content updates? Or use fewer useful content upgrades for smart moves?

Let’s have a quick way to analyze the total body of work:

Type in the search bar of Google “site: http://website” and hit enter.

The total number of results display an amount that specifies how much the website has been updated with content.

SEO Content Aurdit

Compelling Call-to-Actions to Grab Visitors

You don’t merely want visitors to visit your website.

You want them to retain on the website and become the successful leads for your business.

Call-to-Action (commonly known as CTA) is a button or link that is employed to compel prospects to take the specified action and convert into leads.

Evaluate how your competitors are using CTAs to retain their visitors. What different strategies they have applied that make their visitors take action.

  • Download links (offering free E-books, videos, presentations, templates etc.)
  • Free Trial Offers
  • Free Sign Up/Registration Form
  • Request An Estimate Form
  • Newsletter Subscription etc.

Check out the stupendous way Hubspot has used to convert readers/visitors into successful leads.

Email list building techniques

Website Clarity and Readability

Find out the scores of competitors’ website for readability and clarity of content. Their scores will help you identify how far you are from them.

And the spheres that you must be careful about while crafting content.

So a tool is there for your comfort. gives a quick access to complete analysis of a website’s clarity and readability.

You can test either a whole website, a single page, or the text directly inserted in the text box.

readability checking websites
A grade level is allocated on the basis of readability evaluated by the tool.

checking readability online

More detailed statistics including the count of words, complex words, sentences etc. might be analyzed as well.

free readability checker online

7- Learn Killer Ways To Drive Traffic Through Blog:

SEO is about converting visitors into successful leads.

You have to be playful with different tactics and strategies in SEO.

A consistently updated blog is a key to unlock the potentials of SEO. So you must light up the fire by scanning blogs of your top competitors.

  • This analysis reveals several aspects that aid in devising a smart SEO strategy.
  • Frequency of posting content on blogs
  • Types of content (like Listicles, Infographics, Guides, How-tos etc)
  • Average length of blog posts
  • Spheres of content they are missing out

(Note: Their weak points will become your strength literally. Will explain it later.)

General Tweaks To Apply On Your Blog:

Generate Ideas for Content

Try these ways to come up with tons of content ideas:

  • Go through the competitors’ blog posts
  • Search in Google (for target keywords)
  • Employ tools to produce a plenty of topics

BuzzSumo is like a hot cake to me (in regard to the third way). The tool literally offers great services while brainstorming for content ideas.


Buzzsumo gives you a list of trending stuff for any entered keyword or URL. You can even filter the results with respect to content type (i.e. Articles, Giveaways, Infographics, Videos etc.)

Note: The generated list is sorted out in descending order of total social shares.

Focus On Attention – Grabbing Titles

You want the target audience to click through your blog posts.

And the competitors are doing so by crafting compelling titles for their blog posts.

Can you do so?

Of course, this is an art that you can definitely excel in.

My ultimate recommendation is to use Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer. A quick online tool that lets you analyze the efficacy of a headline but assigning a score to your headline.

Headline Analyzer

Enter a headline in the bar and click ‘Analyze Now’. I used headline ’10 Ways to Write A Killer Blog Post Title’.

Yayyy….The complete analysis of my headline is here:

Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer

The overall score is 65. While the detailed insights about headline are:

Coschedule headline detail insights

Structure Your Content

Make content readable and interesting with clear structure. Ensure the use of bullet points, enticing sub-headings and visuals to provide highly engrossing content.

Post Infographics

Create some awe – inspiring infographics on trending topics to gain a massive traffic.

According to a recent research by BuzzSumo, infographics receive 2.3 times more social shares than text-based posts.

types of digital content

Image Credits:

Build Authority by Interviewing Influencers

Get connected with Gurus of your industry. As these are the influencers that your target readers will love to know about.

Publishing an interview of an influencer will enhance your social network. You might as well be visible to the circle of influencer (as they will definitely publish their interview on their blogs.)

Embed Click-to-Tweet Quotes

Tweeting something really useful is a big pleasure to many. And making this process hassle-free for everyone will let them tweet more.

Embed click-to-tweet statements having some important highlights from your blog posts or the related quotes from big names.

I am sharing a screenshot from my blog’s recent post. Just check how I have embedded a click-to-tweet statement having a relevant quote from Jon Buscall (the Head of Jontus Media)

click to tweet plugin

Publish Guest Posts

What else can be a tremendous way to have a great content free of charge then a guest post?

Encourage efficient writers to post their guest submissions with a clear statement that your blog accepts guest posts.

This will not only encourage them to submit quality posts, in fact it will leverage on your connection with more bloggers and help you gain massive traffic without spending a penny.

8- Be A Social Wizard For Increased Traffic:

You have a great SEO strategy, working hard to earn quality backlinks, putting a massive effort in crafting great blog posts. But you are far behind you competitors?


Your competitors are socially active and engaged with their target audience and influencers.

Without getting social, you are going to have significant drops in the anticipated traffic for your business.

Come out of isolation and make a powerful presence on social platforms to enjoy the lucrative benefits of increased fan following, social shares and user engagement.

Social Tweaks for Increased User Engagement

Experiment with these tactics to make a difference with your social presence.

Make Social Sharing Easy

You have to make things easier for readers (or audience).

Put social sharing buttons clearly on every possible page that facilitates visitors to share your content.

Key Note 1: Put the widely-used platforms as sharing options.

I always prefer Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

social sharing plugin for website

Want to make it further easier?

Voila! I have got a plugin for you.

Access Press Social Share is a nice WordPress plugin that makes everything a real fun for me.

This is a free WordPress plugin that enables anyone to share website or blog content on major social media networks.

accesspress social share plugin

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Digg are the major networks that you can display. And for further comfort, Print and Email options are also there to be displayed.

Key Note 2: Focus on building your Email List.

Create appealing newsletter subscription form or offer users something really useful free of cost with lead capturing forms. And ask them just to provide email address.

Show Impressive Social Proof

Leverage on the positive social proof (on a piece of content) to compel others to share that content.

If a post has too much less social shares, then simply do not display it. As the readers will perceive the content is not worthy to be shared. And they even will not read it.

You have to grab a reader first.

So, when the count of shares goes beyond a certain level (let say 300 total shares), display it there. This count will make readers think that your content is highly regarded and trusted by people.

Create Content Your Audience Wants to Read

Your readers want solutions and information.

So, you have to research the spheres where they are seeking guidance for.

Don’t worry! There is a tool that aids you in simplifying this process.

BuzzSumo again is a wonderful tool that helps you get around the trending topics (for a particular niche).

(share screenshot)

It will not only give you the insights of trending topics, but you can even sort the results as per the types of content.

Share Updates on Social Networks

Whenever a new product is launched (or you have just published something new on blog), post updates about it on social networks.

Include a compelling title to grab users’ attention and a link to your product (or article) in the post.

Key Note: It might be the case when you post an update on social networks, many of the users are not online that time. So, you have to post multiple updates with different catchy headlines.

Again, a social media tool can do wonders for you in sending out such updates on an automated basis.

I love Hootsuite for social media automation. You will also love its features as it is an all-in-one social media suite.

Check out these screenshots how you can use this tool to make your social media automation a fun

Hootsuite Social Media Automation Tool
schedule social media posts free

9- Go Beyond Competitors With Mobile-Friendly Website:

Your competitors are earning:

  • Higher Rankings
  • Increased Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Increased Revenue

You are lagging behind them. What is the reason?

The failure in having a mobile-friendly website is putting an immensely negative impact on your business in terms of lost traffic, lost customers and lost revenue.

The recent studies have shown the desktop is not going to be much used in near future for accessing the internet. People are more inclined towards mobile devices for searching the products or services they need.

And with the Google’s recent mobile-friendly update to the algorithm proved the above fact.

When Google stepped out to take serious actions against the websites that were not deemed to be mobile-friendly. Decreasing the rankings of such websites, Google put a stamp on this research that mobile search is going to rock in coming years.

Come out of comfort zone, break the barriers and design a mobile-friendly website for an outrageous exposure.

Friendly Tips for Mobile Friendly Website:

I am sharing with you some quick and friendly tips for a mobile-friendly website. You are surely going to make a difference by applying these tips:

Make Sure About Responsive Design

You have to focus on user’s mobile web experience. With a messy design, inappropriate font size and orientation, you are not going to accomplish that user experience.

A responsive web design is a key to design a mobile-friendly website. This design enables designers to create a website that can be viewed on different sizes of devices.

With flexible layouts, images and cascading stylesheet media queries, the design changes its layout after detecting the screen on which the site is being visited.

Keep Website Simple

A cluttered web copy on mobile devices brings disaster to a user experience.

Keep your web design clean, focused and simple. With short content, simple theme and less graphics, the design will be able to grab a user with enhanced mobile web experience.

Pay Heeds to Font and Buttons

The font size, buttons and forms matter a lot when it comes to the mobile web experience.

Make your font size enough that a user finds the content readable without needing to zoom in.

It is recommended to use 14 px font size for content and 12 px for labels and forms. And 44px x 44px is a highly recommended size for buttons.

Key Note: Keeping buttons in bigger size, there is no chance the users will miss them. This further strengthens user experience.

Keep Testing for Improvements:

Test, test, test and………… keep testing on!

In order to maximize user-friendly experience, you have to make changes and improvements dynamically.

Test the website on different mobile devices and tablets using various browsers for detecting loop holes. This will enable you to produce more changes to web design for amplifying a great vistors’ experience.

Key Note: You can utilize any of the tools (discussed above in point no. 3) to check whether your website is mobile-friendly.

10- Dig Into Competitors’ Website Traffic:

Still your competitors outranking you in Google?

You must dig in the website traffic of competitors. Start exploring about their amount of traffic, the resources, metrics they are focusing to generate traffic and so on.

Procurable Tips to Analyze Competitors’ Traffic:

Keep Track of Visitors’ Statistics

Keep an eye on the visitors of competitors’ websites. You must have insights about their basic statistics like:

  • Total Visitor Per Month
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Bounce Rate etc.

There are countless tools to aid in this process. I would highly recommend to use SimilarWeb in order to collect the most accurate data.

The tool lets you analyze the traffic of any competitor website or mobile app in detail.

similarweb site traffic sources and ranking

Analyzing the visitors of, I got a quick traffic overview this way:
check website traffic free online

Get To Know About Traffic Sources

A very important metric that you must be meticulous about is the Traffic Sources from where the competitors are generating an immense traffic.

This metric enables you to analyze which channels the competitor is more focused on. Either the organic search rankings, social platforms or referrals etc.

Again, SimilarWeb does wonders for you in this respect also.

check website traffic free online

Audience Geography and Demographics

Get yourself equipped with the true insights about the audience of competitors’ websites.

The audience geography and related demographics are definitely among the key metrics for you to devise a smart SEO strategy accordingly.

Alexa is a handy tool to scrutinize competitors. It will show you the countries where the major visitors of a competitor website are located.

check competitor website traffic

I always prefer finding out the audience interests. This helps me shaping my SEO strategy to target that particular audience who is more interested in my niche.
competitor website analysis tools

11- Make A Big Difference With Competitors’ Broken Links:

Broken links……Do not view them merely as ‘404 Page Redirects’.

In fact, these are amongst the golden opportunities to enjoy quality link building.

Broken links are actually the dead links on a website that take you to a 404 page. This broken link is the result of any web page that is no more alive.

Key Note: Having information about broken links on competitors’ websites, you can enjoy terrific benefit of link building from many authority websites.

Handy Way to Discover Broken Links:

Broken link is a great link building strategy. But the painstaking process of finding out broken links really sucks.

So, I am sharing with you my quirky way to simplify the entire process.

Ahrefs is a treasured tool to me in varying respects. Using this tool, I perform a comprehensive analysis of competitors’ broken links.

Here I suppose, is one of my competitors. Signing into your account at Ahrefs, plug the competitor’s URL to explore details.

ahrefs broken links checker
As I hit ‘Explore’ button, I am presented with an overview:

find broken backlinks
ahrefs broken link building

After clicking the ‘Broken Links’, I was taken to a complete list of broken links that exist on

We found 402 broken links on And then we need to check a post on this website that has earned pretty good number of backlinks.

Broken link building process

There are plenty of 404 links on For now I randomly choose ‘10 Ways to Earn Respect of Others’ which have also one 404 link on its anchor ‘8 Ways to Deal with Critical People’.

This anchor is pointing to the website ‘’ which is a dead page.

Clicking on the arrow on that broken link’s URL, I came across Link Statistics.

Ahrefs broken links stats

Cheers! This dead link has 69 backlinks pointing to it.

Here is the screenshot of the URL

404 links landing page

Key Note: Check My Links is a helpful Chrome extension that will let you check broken links in a hassle-free way. See the screenshot below where I have used this extension for Dumblittleman’s page.

Also check The Noob Friendly Guide To Link Building

Broken link chrome extension

Bottom Line?

Applying this simplified process of finding broken links (through Ahrefs) will save you lots of time.

So, keep finding broken links on competitors’ websites and stay in front with Authority Link Building.

12-  Invest Heavily On Competitors’ Weaknesses:

Keep chasing your competitors’ weaknesses that might become your greatest strengths.

SEO is the name of doing experiments with your strategy. And to uprank your business in the leading search engines, you must excel the areas where your competitors are significantly lacking.

Finding opportunities within competitors’ weaknesses in SEO will attain you an edge over them.

General Tips to Find Competitors’ Weaknesses:

Examine your competitors for their weak points in following respect:

Survey For The Keywords

Are their strategies tailored for short-tail or long-tail keywords?

Focus the keywords that your competitors are not ranked for (and additionally have medium-high search volume.)

Scan Through Web Copywriting Deficiencies:

Scrutinize the web copies of your competitors. Analyze each and every page and gather the areas they are missing out.

Jot down the discerning features of your product/service and present them in the most compelling manner.

Check their copies for:

  • CTAs
  • Content Upgrades (like Opt-in boxes etc.)
  • Website Navigation and Architecture
  • Optimized Meta Tags
  • Traffic Channels

Using different tools (as discussed already in the point ‘Dig Into Competitors’ Website Traffic’), get an insight how your competitors are gaining traffic to their sites.

Organic search, referrals, social media, what are their major sources to acquire traffic?

The channels where your competitors are not focused, invest more efforts therein.

Delve Into Blog Content

Embark on your SEO journey with trending and outstanding content.

You must update your blog with creative and different types of content.

If competitors are tailored towards text posts and missing out the infograhics, presentations.

This is definitely something worthwhile you may rock on.


You have got the right tactics and tools to monitor your competitors. Keep a closed eye on them from every possible respect and shape your SEO strategy accordingly. This not only gives you a track to leverage on but pushes you to outrank your competitors also. I would love to know about more tips and productive tools from you guys in the comments section. So keep reading and leaving comments on this post.