How to Win Potential Clients With Your Upwork Proposal


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Freelancing….obviously is a way out to relish on the life you dream of. This paves an opportunity to live your own life, without having to be felt on the pins and needles due to that boring 9 to 5 routine or stringent company’s policies. 
And so Upwork is the place considered by the majority of the freelancers. (That is why an Upwork proposal stands at a higher position in all freelancers’ lives !)

This giant freelancing platform that offers lucrative jobs in around 3,000 different areas, lands you the chance to win higher-paying jobs.

Upwork Proposal

Figure 1Elance-Odesk’s 2014 Global Online Work Report demonstrating the upward tracjectory. This explicity states about the growing trend of freelance or online jobs.

But the question is:

How an Upwork proposal can get you potential clients, to enjoy the work you want to do and a large lucrative income while working from your comfort zone.?

A Common Grievance of Freelancers!

Most of the freelancers have an issue in common – they are not receiving any reply to a ton of Upwork proposals they have sent to various job applications.

What is going wrong?

There are many freelancers who spend ample time in putting together Upwork proposal or cover letters but get weeded out by the clients. On the other hand, their successful competitors are the freelancers who spend pretty least amount of time in writing cover letters.

Why is this so?

A few of the misconceptions among many freelancers regarding Upwork proposals result in this tiring effort that pays off nothing. Some common mistakes that prevent them from getting the response (yet response from potential clients) to their cover letters.

The given tested tips and advice will definitely lead you to an end where you are able to get more clients, higher-paying jobs, and long –term projects.

Here are my tested Upwork proposal tips…..