12 Super Handy Lessons From Your Competitors For Improved SEO

SEO competitors

When I was in high school, I still remember my Mom used to say:

“Your competitors (in class) will always keep you alive for securing higher position.”

I really gotta perplexed at this statement (or phrase). But I came to know about its practicality after entering into the thriving industry of SEO. This dynamic industry taught me the lessons that why competitors will keep my morale high in acquiring the top ranks. And I must “Have a closer watch on top competitors.”

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How competitors can help you out?

Albeit you have your own views to run an SEO campaign. But a thorough competitive analysis helps you build a cohesive and workable SEO strategy.

What a competitive research yields for you?

i- The keywords your competitors are ranked for

ii- The metrics they are considering

iii- Their weaknesses and so on.

Determining these elements will aid you in gaining an edge over your competitors and top ranks by the leading search engines.

By this, I am nowhere saying the strategies which are working for your competitors will work on your website 100% the same way.

What works for your competitors in SEO may not work for you 100%.

SEO is all about playing with ideas and tactics. So, you have to follow the mantra of ‘Testing experiments and building new strategies dynamically to dominate the SERP’. And keeping an eye on competitors is a way that every digital marketer must drill his SEO strategy with.

This write-up scans out the 12 powerful lessons that you can learn from your competitors’ SEO strategies as well as the tools that make this analysis quicker.