31 Jan 2017

20 Freelancing Quotes For Motivating You To Become Successful

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover. “

This inspirational saying (or I would say one of the amazing freelancing quotes) by Mark Twain is something like a mind opener, particularly for the ones who are freelancing or about to begin their freelance careers.

Freelancing is another name of entrepreneurship or self-employment. It is the name of acquiring life that you dream to live. Quitting a regular 9 to 5 routine, you open the doors to exploration, discoveries and money.

A recent study conducted by PeoplePerHour predicted that freelance market will continually grow at the annual rates of 3.5% and 3.2% in the UK and US respectively, in the next five years. And this statistic is explicit enough to show the growing trend of freelancing that is transforming recruitment and employment into a new shape.

[A great competition can be witnessed particularly in the areas of freelance digital marketing, copywriting, academic writing, web designing & development, mobile application development.]

There is no doubt in it, freelancing leverages on the way you want to work, it may give you a seven-figure earning, the comfort zone to work from anywhere and bla bla.

Buy you will agree with the fact!

Freelancers go through a painstaking and exhausting phase to get over the hurdles in their path. It is not an overnight process to build your business empire. There is no magic trick to acquire potential clients or dream projects.

It is all about dedication, patience, consistence and faith in your skills. There are so many moments a freelancer has to fight with the pains, rejections and failures. And such moments usually let him go astray of his path.

So, this write up is crafted to have an inspiring collection of the freelancing quotes that will inspire and motivate a freelancer to lead his/her way. These quotes will strengthen you, give you a new determination and will to combat and work consistently.

25 Jan 2017

How to organize Stunning Freelance Portfolio In 2017

Freelance portfolio

So, the amusements, celebrations and parties to welcome the year 2017 are over. And besides this thrill and fun, everyone of us has got some New Year Resolutions.

And the sole resolution of a Freelancer for the new year would be to attract potential clients to his work with a compelling freelance portfolio.

It sounds joyous being a freelancer. But there are tons of hassles a freelancer has to go through in order to keep things in shape. Keep getting higher-paying clients, having a consistent workflow and grabbing new business are the major worries.

Freelance Portfolio? Yes, this is a critical tool for freelancers (whether new or old).

You have got the skills, enthusiasm, and creativity to help a client achieving his/her goal. But nobody is going to know about your expertise unless it is portrayed in a right manner.

Why to Go for A Freelance Portfolio?

You have to showcase your capabilities in front of the world to demonstrate how you can be an asset for them. That is the reason why one needs to invest time, creativity and money in building a brilliant freelance portfolio that may stand you out in this crowded sphere.

Whether you are a freelance writer, copywriter, web developer, content marketer and so on; a portfolio is a must. It helps you to have a powerful online presence, builds your credibility and paves a way to attract bigger clients.

But how to design an attention-grabbing portfolio?

Here are the actionable tactics to design an outstanding freelance portfolio that will set you a part from the competition.

11 Sep 2016

How to Win Potential Clients With Your Upwork Proposal


upwork top freelancing website
Freelancing….obviously is a way out to relish on the life you dream of. This paves an opportunity to live your own life, without having to be felt on the pins and needles due to that boring 9 to 5 routine or stringent company’s policies. 
And so Upwork is the place considered by the majority of the freelancers. (That is why an Upwork proposal stands at a higher position in all freelancers’ lives !)

This giant freelancing platform that offers lucrative jobs in around 3,000 different areas, lands you the chance to win higher-paying jobs.

Upwork Proposal

Figure 1Elance-Odesk’s 2014 Global Online Work Report demonstrating the upward tracjectory. This explicity states about the growing trend of freelance or online jobs.

But the question is:

How an Upwork proposal can get you potential clients, to enjoy the work you want to do and a large lucrative income while working from your comfort zone.?

A Common Grievance of Freelancers!

Most of the freelancers have an issue in common – they are not receiving any reply to a ton of Upwork proposals they have sent to various job applications.

What is going wrong?

There are many freelancers who spend ample time in putting together Upwork proposal or cover letters but get weeded out by the clients. On the other hand, their successful competitors are the freelancers who spend pretty least amount of time in writing cover letters.

Why is this so?

A few of the misconceptions among many freelancers regarding Upwork proposals result in this tiring effort that pays off nothing. Some common mistakes that prevent them from getting the response (yet response from potential clients) to their cover letters.

The given tested tips and advice will definitely lead you to an end where you are able to get more clients, higher-paying jobs, and long –term projects.

Here are my tested Upwork proposal tips…..